Dynamic Float Midvalve

A proprietary mid-valve replacement for WP forks (KTM and Husaberg).
$100 +labor

KREFT developed the Dynamic Float Midvalve (DFMV) to overcome performance and versatility shortcommings in the WP fork.  This modification allows the fork to be valved more firmly to provide a secure and balanced ride feel, while at the same providing maximum plushness on hard, sharp obstacles.

The DFMV works by integrating multiple stages of damping control into a single fluid flow path.  It automatically adjusts to increase damping when you need it (i.e., under braking), but will instantly accommodate very rapid fluid transfer during a pressure spike (i.e., a high-speed impact with a sharp rock).  The result is an incredible combination of balance and stability, combined with buttery response on high speed impacts.

The DFMV is applicable to both closed and open cartridge fork designs.

  • Kreft’s proprietary mid-valve design combines the best of low-float and high-float configurations
  • Reduced brake dive
  • Improved corner stability
  • Improved rock and ledge response